destinys most overpowered weapons

desDestiny offers players the chance to protect the last city on earth from the encroaching Darkness that threatens to extinguish human life in the galaxy. There’s no better way to defend the Light and all of its beauty than with some kickass weapons with equally kickass names. As you make your way through the different quests and PvP content in Destiny, you’re bound to come across some incredible firepower that will make killing enemies, and your life in space, a little bit easier. Here are our picks for some of the most devastating items to ever rip through Crota’s hordes. And, more importantly, these are some of the most overpowered weapons you’ll find, which will make your online opponents curse your name for a fortnight after you’ve stomped on them.
Bad Juju

Behold the Bad Juju. Not only does it have a cool, funky name that strikes fear into the hearts of the Darkness, but it’s got a decidedly macabre design that features straps, scales, and even a skull. Once you’ve acquired this thing, you’re free to go level up the gun so it has


games thats never get the recognition they deserve

dewIt’s easy to bug out about how amazing Fallout 4 is, or the huge influence that Grand Theft Auto has had on the gaming industry as a whole. At the heart of gaming, past all the grandness, lies the small innovations and quirks that make these huge, blockbuster games possible. There are hundreds of games released every year and, statistically, only a few really gain momentum, leaving a ton of smart, fun, and innovative games just off of everyone’s radar. Here are a handful of games deserving of your attention and recognition that you may have overlooked.
Bad Day on the Midway (PC)

As pioneers of weirdness, the musical ensemble/game designer team known as The Residents have always embraced technology as a means to reach their audience and enhance their strangeness. In 1995, they released Bad Day on the Midway, a creepy, interactive story for PC in which the player leaps from ill-fated character to ill-fated character while exploring a doomed boardwalk freak show. The game offers multiple endings depending on how the player approaches the story, as well as beautifully illustrated cutscenes by artists like Dave McKean. Bad


this is what’s killing console gaming

sejYour PlayStation is a monster, and its only purpose is to make you unhappy. Your Xbox? Well, that thing is just a vampire that comes to life at night and sucks your wallet dry. Console gaming has become increasingly tricky and difficult to justify as technologies shift and gamers’ attitudes change, and after decades of superiority, your consoles are now showing signs of fading into whatever comes next. So, when all is said and done, what’s really killing the lovable old console?
Season passes

If there’s one great evil in the world of modern gaming, it’s the season pass. While paid downloadable content, or DLC, often adds opportunities to make your games a little more interesting, these little bits of extra fun can add up to a pretty large price. In order to mitigate these cumulative costs, publishers began to release season passes, which discount the cost of all related content into one huge package—which is usually the cost equivalent of buying the game twice. Worse, lots of publishers started selling season passes without fully disclosing what’s actually coming out. Is that extra costume for Sub-Zero really worth it?
Incomplete games



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The best of Dog boarding services and tips available online

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why overwatch has us worried

Overwatch is already promising to be the next big thing in multiplayer first-person shooters, and coming from Blizzard Entertainment, that’s a big deal. These are the guys who brought us World of Warcraft, Diablo, and even The Lost Vikings, so you know that the name means quality—but we’re still worried. Gameplay trailers, beta reviews, and other ongoing issues are already spelling trouble for the promising title. Here are a few things that Blizzard should be looking out for in order to avoid an epic failure.
Too accessible?

Blizzard has told us that Overwatch is designed to be more accessible to newer FPS enthusiasts, and while welcoming a fresh audience into the genre is always a good thing, it’s also a dangerous game to play because you end up with tragedies like Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. Casual players tend to abandon games easily, and games with a low level of complexity don’t encourage dedicated players to stick around. Hopefully, Blizzard will find a good balance between all of these elements and not give us a disposable mess.
No deathmatch

While most gamers would agree that there’s nothing more frustrating than being mercilessly and repeatedly destroyed by your opponent, there’s also a satisfaction in

feature we need to have future fallout games

From packs of irradiated zombies to giant killer robots and mutants performing Shakespeare, Fallout 4 seems to have just about everything, but it actually doesn’t. Yes, for all the awesome stuff packed into Bethesda’s latest post-apocalyptic romp, there are still some great features missing from the game that could make it even better. What’s particularly frustrating is that some of these features were even included in earlier Fallout games but removed for some inexplicable reason. What do we want for the inevitable expansions and sequels? Just take a look at these features we need to have in future Fallout games.

The sky is the limit when it comes to the multiplayer potential of Fallout. Whether it’s a full MMORPG, like Bethesda previously did with The Elder Scrolls Online, or an entirely separate multiplayer co-op mode, like BioWare used in Mass Effect 3, there has to be some way to allow Fallout fans to experience the world together. My preference would be for occasional cross-game encounters such as the ones in Dark Souls II, or even the random meetings of Journey. However they decide to do it, one thing is certain: we need Fallout multiplayer, and the sooner, the

retro games need that virtual to reality reboot

Gamers, if you’re tired of just sitting at home and twiddling your controller, the future looks quite promising. If you’ve been keeping an eye on the Oculus Rift, the HTC Valve, or even the Merge, you know that we’re getting closer to immersive, off-the-couch gaming than ever before. It’s going to be a weird and disorienting world for a while, so what better place to start than the games that you already know and love? Here are some retro classics that would probably be pretty awesome making the jump to virtual reality.
The Legend of Zelda

There are tons of sword and sorcery games out there, but few are as memorable than The Legend of Zelda series. It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting Octoroks with your laser sword in the first Zelda, or digging your blade into the heads of unsuspecting Moblins in Zelda II, Hyrule is the kind of fantasy world that every gamer would love to wander around in for a while. Give us enough living room space to slash our way through a few solid dungeon bosses, and we’ll probably never play another game. Just don’t make us fight any of those terrifying Wallmaster hands.
Duck Hunt

On the

how mobile gaming needs to evolve

Mobile gaming is undoubtedly the wave of the present, converting even the most resistant holdouts into casual phone gamers. We all know that Candy Crush is just a gateway into full-on Grand Theft Auto madness. Like all popular things, however, mobile gaming has reached a complete saturation point, and gamers seem ready to move on to the next thing, whatever that might be. All we know is that an Angry Birds movie exists, so it’s clearly time to reinvent the whole genre. Here are some ways for mobile gaming to evolve into something even better.

It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: an influx of truly original games could breathe new life into mobile gaming. While we’re seeing a newer influx of games that force the user to go out into the real world and actually be ambulatory and have off-screen experiences, we’re sick of scrolling through hundreds of reskinned versions of the same tower defense game every time we check into the app store to see if there’s anything worth trying. We’re getting closer to perfect phone-based 3DVR tech, so maybe full-on immersion will do the trick and break the tired trends of today.
Limiting microtransactions

If a

hyped up games never that happened

It’s inevitable: sometimes, we get pretty hyped for the release of a game and wait patiently for any bit of news regarding it. Unfortunately, a few of these games get stuck in what is called “development hell” or simply get canceled, destroying all of our hopes and dreams of ever playing them. Here are a few of the biggest heartbreakers on our list of games that still have not, and may not ever, see the light of day.
Beyond Good and Evil 2

A sequel to 2003’s Beyond Good & Evil, Beyond Good & Evil 2 was announced in 2008, but there hasn’t been any release as of this writing. Sure, we’ve gotten some screenshots and some footage of the game’s main character, Jade, dodging police in an urban setting. Year after year, we’ve gotten assurances from Ubisoft that the game is still in active development and that it will be released, but the waiting has us losing hope. Considering the fact that this game is meant to be the second part of a trilogy, we’ll probably have to wait another decade or so to get our hands on the final installment of the series
Prey 2

While we still have a

most offensive stereotypes in video games

As with any form of fiction, video games can be pretty dumb when it comes to portraying diverse characters as well-rounded humans (or aliens, or robots…), and occasionally stray into some pretty weird stereotypes. It’s a lot easier to fall back on an easy cliche than to write a real character, but most of the time, simplifying a character down to overused stereotypes is just a horrible thing to do for everyone involved, from the gamers on up to the producers. Here are a few offensive video game characters that shouldn’t get any extra lives.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Letitia

It’s hard to imagine what voice actress Amanda Straw was thinking when she voiced the character of Letitia, aka “The Trash Lady,” but she’s wise to leave the credit off of her resume. Though the game’s events occur in the future, Letitia affects a pretty ridiculous accent, reminiscent of what one might expect to hear from an unpaid employee on a gross exaggeration of an 1850s Southern plantation. We’re pretty sure that saying “pacifics” instead of “specifics” infantilizes a character’s intellect, and while there’s a pretty good diversity of characters of all races represented in many ways through the game, all

touching gaming moments thats nearly brought us to tears

In the past, video games were fairly simple and presented objectives that could easily be completed with the right amount of practice and skill. If you won, you’d feel good. If you lost, you’d feel bad but then try again. As the medium matured and the technology used in gaming advanced, so did the quality of the games and range of emotions that we could derive from them. These days, it’s not unheard of to get smacked in the face with “the feels” from a game. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a list of gaming moments that almost had us leaking from the eyes. Get the tissues ready, because you just might start bawling. And, it should go without saying, spoilers are definitely ahead.
Suikoden II – Nanami’s death

In Suikoden II, you go on a journey that transforms you from a young soldier in training to the leader of a kingdom stuck in a battle between nations while an ancient evil threatens to tear the land asunder. You meet lots of possible party members (106 of them, to be exact), who help you run your kingdom or fight. One of these members happens to be your sister,

nintendos dumbest products

In the glow of nostalgia, your old Nintendo was always a welcoming beacon, quietly waiting for you after school to quell all of your daily anxieties with Zeldas and Castlevanias. But in reality, Nintendo has always been a pretty serious company—with some pretty serious problems figuring out what products they might want to keep off the store shelves. Even though Nintendo has a great history of successes and is synonymous with video gaming, these days it’s often considered a niche company for low-spec family gaming while other systems pass it by on many levels. As Nintendo’s relevance seems threatened more every day, we have to ask: just which products have set Nintendo back the most?
Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo is responsible for innovating in many unusual directions. But unfortunately, those directions don’t really always work out. After a tough launch, Nintendo’s handheld 3DS system eventually became a huge success and a technological feat, merging a dual-screen system with touch sensitivity and an Internet connection, as well as a simulated 3D environment. But then Nintendo dumbed the system down into a weird tablet-like device at a slightly lower price point. Dumber still, the company cut out many of the 3DS’ unique features to

The most ridiculous things weve seen in battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 is one of those games that, even if you don’t play, you always seem to hear about on the Internet. A lot of incredible stunts, kills, and maneuvers can be pulled off in the game and it’s become a sort of custom among hardcore Battlefield players to try and pull off the craziest moves that the in-game engine will allow. These stunts are lovingly known as “Battlefield Moments” and have been a great way for the community to showcase their skills while flexing a bit on the Internet. Here we have some stunts that are jaw-dropping, funny, and just all-around impressive. Strap in and get ready for some ridiculousness on the battlefield.Crazy sniper headshot

Battlefield player and YouTuber Russkhof is no stranger to stunts and trick shots, showing us some of the most elite-level gameplay around. In this video, he gets a crazy, long-range headshot with his sniper rifle. “No big deal, anyone can get a sniper rifle headshot,” you might say, but what makes this particular shot special is the fact that it comes from an extremely long range. He even gets a Marksman Bonus of 1,861 points, a bonus that’s based on meters. The fact that he

creepiest weirdest stuff youll find in fallout

The wastes of the modern Fallout games are rife with adventure, intrigue around every corner, and plenty of interesting people to befriend. Or shoot. It’s easy to get swept up in the desolation of Fallout 3, the whimsical immersion in Fallout: New Vegas, and the sense of discovery in Fallout 4, but it’s even easier to overlook the fact that the wastes are home to many stories, and not all of those stories are particularly savory. Here are some of the strangest, creepiest, most unnerving stories that the wastes have to tell. Steel yourself and pray that your Power Armor has a biological waste disposal system, because things are about to get weird.
The Dunwich Building

If you’ve played Fallout 3, chances are that you’ve explored the heck out of that map. If so, then you might have run across a location called the Dunwich Building. Fans of H.P. Lovecraft might notice the reference to The Dunwich Horror, which is part of the Cthulhu mythos, so one might already expect to find some otherworldly, maddening shenanigans. Upon entering, you’re greeted by corpses and a surprising number of ghouls running amok, with the occasional Glowing One threatening to relegate you to the

great games that never saw sequels

People always ask, “why is every new video game nowadays a sequel?” That’s because we keep buying them. Follow-ups to safe, proven commodities happen so often, it’s a downright shocker when they don’t. Oftentimes, we get sequels we didn’t ask for while games we wish had a follow-up are left solo. Why must the gaming industry deny us awesome sequels to amazing one-shot ideas, while drowning us in Assassin’s Creed and Call Of Duty parts two through infinity? Let’s look at some excellent games that left us wondering why they never had a sequel.
Shadow of the Colossus

Some ideas are basic enough to work time and again—we’re looking at you, Mario and Street Fighter II clones. Others are so unique and innovative they only happen once, with any attempt at a redux quickly dismissed as uninspired and hacky. This would probably be the case with a second Shadow of the Colossus. Notice how nobody has really tried to ape “every stage is a single battle with a gigantic monster,” even as just a basic premise? That’s because, no matter what they did, it would pale in comparison to the original. As great as it might sound to get

celebs you didn’t know were gamers

Since the world loves hearing that celebrities eat, sleep, and breathe like everyone else, it’s time to find out which ones like to party with a controller in their hand. It’s easy for actors, musicians, and athletes to fall prey to all the temptations available out there, especially in the spotlight, but it’s another thing for them to take up one of the only addictions we wholeheartedly encourage: gaming. Whether they’re playing Super Mario Bros., World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Dungeons & Dragons, or some other pixelated adventure, these celebrities aren’t afraid of their nerdy habits.
Vin Diesel

When most people try to picture what the average gamer looks like, chances are they wouldn’t imagine a frame or visage like Vin Diesel’s. The Guardians of the Galaxy and The Fast and the Furious actor is surprisingly an avid gamer, whose habits started over two decades ago when he and his friends first started playing the tabletop version of Dungeons & Dragons. Diesel supposedly has a tattoo somewhere on his body featuring the name of his longtime Dungeons & Dragons character, Melkor, who is named after Sauron’s old master in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Silmarillion. What’s even crazier is that the premise

places you didn’t know you could exploler in fallout 4

The Commonwealth in Fallout 4 is a sprawling wasteland, full of fascinating places to explore and interesting people to meet and possibly kill, depending on how much you like what they’re wearing. Because it’s a huge game, players could take months to fully explore every nook and cranny that it has to offer. While the main quests take you through a lot of the bigger settlements and points of interest in Fallout 4, we’re willing to bet that there are more than a few radioactive stones that you’ve left unturned. With that in mind, here are a few choice locations off the beaten (and bombed) path in order to provide you with some fun distractions. Just pray that no Deathclaws wander into these areas.
The parking garage dungeon

The parking garage dungeon/maze is located next to Milton General Hospital. Should you choose to venture into this labyrinthine structure, be warned that it’s a pretty long maze full of puzzles, so you should definitely save your game before heading into the building. But for those of you with enough gumption (and what we assume is a large supply of Stimpaks and ammo), there are locked-door puzzles, creepy mannequins, and traps

Most misleading video game covers ever

Back in the days before YouTube playthroughs and trial downloads, every video game was just an expensive mystery wrapped in an attractive cover. Unless you had a rich neighbor or a foldout map in Nintendo Power to give you a preview of the newest titles, aspiring gamers had nothing to base how good a potential buy could be other than a couple of tiny screenshots, some box art, and a prayer to the digital gods. Even then, there was still a high likelihood that you’d return home with an incredibly disappointing hunk of plastic. Here are some games that had the most deceptive box art of all time.
Adventure (1979) – Atari

Adventure is the very first action-adventure console game. It also contains gaming’s first hidden Easter egg, so there are some very good reasons to remember it, but the harsh truth of Adventure is that it’s only a step above Pong in terms of visual complexity. Adventure’s box art depicts an amazing, psychedelic dragon twisting through a hedge maze while dwarven adventurers approach from a castle in the background. Within the actual game, your hero is a giant square pixel, stuck in a maze of bland nothingness, running from dragons